Greenheck Products

Greenheck is one of the leaders in developing energy-efficient air movement. Their products focus on increasing safety and comfort for the user in regards to air conditioning systems. They are both beneficial for the environment and practical for commercial or personal use.

Initially, Greenheck focused on manufacturing fans to comfort users. They then realized that they could expand their product line to optimize air conditioning and controlling flow within an enclosed environment. The company now does kitchen ventilation, indoor and outdoor air conditioning that optimize both temperature and humidity levels, as well as HVAC coils and duct heaters.

Greenheck Components For Air Units

Browse our selection of Greenheck parts and air systems. We have special shipping deals and discounts on certain items, which can save you on expenses in the short run. Always check to see if the manufacturer’s warranty is an option.

Ventilation System Parts from Greenheck

Every HVAC system needs a fully-working blower assembly, designed to circulate air constantly. The device pushes out hot or cold air through the ducts, maintaining a constant temperature that a thermostat establishes as the threshold. If the system parts start failing, it can lead to the remaining components suffering overwhelm.

Motors are a vital component for air conditioning. Greenheck retails over 5,000 types of motors and models for HVAC specialists to find the best fit for their system. They allow users to view the models and recommended replacements. We retail these options and save you the time of searching manually.

Greenheck Blower Motor Assembly

A blower motor assembly may need replacement when airflow worsens, and it requires more power to generate the same amount of force. This can happen when the ducts or circulation suffer clogs from dirty air, creating bottlenecks. Options such as the Greenheck 461550 Blower A12-12ACD Assembly are designed to last for a long time. These are best for commercial systems rather than residential ones.

Also, consider if your system’s other motors are failing. You need compressor motors to generate air pressure, and these are often the hardest to replace. Due to the compressor housing, an HVAC specialist may have trouble diagnosing if the starting winding — a form of wiring — has burned out from overuse.

You may want to look at the Greenheck 305373 Motor as a potential motor replacement. Its housing material is made of rolled steel for durability, with auto thermal protection.

Pressure switches may sometimes need replacement if they stop working. One sign may be the system turning on and off frequently. Then you want to review options such as the 386418 Air Pressure Switch Duel from Greenheck.

Support Air Movement With Systems From Furnace Part Source

Furnace Part Source wants to keep your systems moving and remaining efficient with airflow. We retail hard-to-find and discontinued components for older heating and cooling circulation while also providing parts that can provide necessary upgrades. HVAC specialists trust us to have what they need for repairs or replacements.

To find out more, please reach out to our representatives today. We can make recommendations on the ideal Greenheck products for your perusal. Furnace Part Source is ready to introduce you to efficient air systems or assist in repairing them.