White Rodgers

Emerson products are marketed under a variety of names, but White Rodgers might be one of the most important aspects of their organization. It’s a leading manufacturer in its own right. HVAC technicians trust them for everything from valves to system protectors. Those who are looking for a new control board will certainly want to look over the White Rodgers catalog due not only to the durability of their parts but also because they offer such a wide array of equipment that should suit the needs of almost any installer.

White Rodgers Heating & Cooling Products

Over the years, the engineering team from Emerson has added an extensive set of HVAC parts that should work with systems from several different manufacturers. Despite the White Rodgers branding, these parts are more or less vendor-neutral in many circumstances.

Other components are designed to work with a specified third-party brand, which may include some of the most popular vendors of furnaces on the market. Regardless of the specifications involved, White Rodgers often bundles parts together into five-pack sets that make it easy to swap out a series of OEM components even in situations where you’d need to replace an entire panel.

White Rodgers Thermostat

Emerson is among the most prestigious brands of thermostats, so it makes sense that thermostats sold under the White Rodgers name enjoy a similar position. However, these aren’t just re-branded Emerson products.

White Rodgers thermostats offer some interesting features that you might not find with any other kind of device. They’re compatible with lead lines and control board devices from a variety of manufacturers, making it easier to fit these into almost any kind of installation. Both commercial and residential machines should interface equally as well with advanced replacement parts from the collection.

White Rodgers Gas Valve

Each gas valve sold under the White Rodgers name is designed according to specifications provided by the Emerson engineering team. Provided that you’re opting for a valve that offers the right pressure metrics and dimensions, you can normally be sure that it’s going to fit. Considering how challenging fitment can be when working with more advanced HVAC systems, this should serve as a welcome change to many.

Other components, such as their ignition control parts, are made with the same meticulous attention to detail so that they can serve as drop-in replacements for OEM components. In this case, the part in question would work to satisfy the needs of those replacing a Trane module. All of the thread lines are also designed to fit into any preexisting mounting jacks.

Browse White Rodgers Parts For Your HVAC Unit At Furnace Part Source

Furnace Part Source invites you to look over the White Rodgers catalog whenever you’re looking for a new replacement part. The flexibility of White Rodgers-branded equipment has made it extremely popular. Individuals can replace a failed component without re-engineering the current installation.

Anybody who wants more information on what White Rodgers products are currently in stock can contact us online. Our team will do their best to help them get the kind of parts they need.