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Mars HVAC Parts

Recognized as one of the most trustworthy brands in the HVAC market, Mars delivers exceptional products. They anticipate the needs of the modern marketplace, creating value with outstanding quality and energy-efficiency. Mars parts for furnaces are a guarantee for longer-lasting airflow.

As one of the most comprehensive suppliers of commercial and residential motors, you’re sure to find the solutions you need to make the most of your next heating and cooling project with Mars and Furnace Part Source.

Mars Replacement Parts

Browse our selection of parts for Mars air systems. See which ones qualify for shipping deals or discounts. You can receive your order as soon as one business day. The air systems tend to have a high price, but the long-term service reduces the energy costs. They do this by stabilizing cold temperatures within enclosed areas, and reduce potential condensation.

Mars HVAC & Furnace Replacement Parts

We mainly stock capacitors for the brand. Mars HVAC systems reduce strain on the various compressors, so that they don’t become as worn out or damaged from overwork.

Take a look at the Mars # 12905 5M Capacitor, which runs on 370 volts. It can work for both air conditioning and heat pump systems. There are multiple horsepower outputs to facilitate ease of use.

If you want to replace the 10M 370V, then purchase the Mars 5m #12908. This capacitor boosts both the fan and and compressor motors, helping to save dying furnaces and allow for low-cost repairs. It can also help if your blower motor has worn out and needs replacement, which prevents the need for an entirely new system.

A Family Brand Gone International

Ever since it was founded in 1946, Mars has grown as a family-owned and operated supplier of high-quality components, motors, and service parts for the heating and cooling industry. Starting off as a motor repair company, Mars has continued to evolve throughout the years to meet the needs of customers from across the United States. Current standards include energy efficiency and adjusting to changes in weather conditions using technology.

The brand also offers a Mars Guarantee on all of their products, including for furnaces and air conditioning. This guarantee covers the fact that the brand does constant quality control and testing to ensure that each product demonstrates a consistent performance.

Find Other Mars Parts At Furnace Part Source

Today, Furnace Part Source is proud to stock a collection of genuine Mars components and parts that fit your HVAC requirements. That is why HVAC specialists rely on our company to find the right supplies for repairs and replacements, and our expertise as well.

Reach out to us today to learn more about this. Whether you’re searching for capacitor parts or new strategies to improve the energy efficiency and longevity of your furnace, you can find everything you need with Furnace Part Source. Not only do we offer an array of Mars products at low prices, but we also provide fast and efficient delivery with same-day shipping on countless products.