Fenwal Controls

Fenwal is a market leader in the production of furnace and heating systems. Known for their incredible attention to detail and exceptional performance across a range of different products, Fenwal furnace products and components are durable, reliable, and offer top-of-the-line strength. Carrier owns the brand, promising a consistent display of quality and heat control.

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Fenwal Control Parts And Components

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Fenwal Ignition Sensors

Fenwal flame sensors are also ignition sensors, and they work to minimize potential damage. If a furnace is shutting off mid-service, then the ignition sensor requires either cleaning or replacement.

Ignition sensors improve home safety in gas-fired equipment. Flame sensors prevent a potential minor ignition by detecting the flames to open or close gas valves. They only react when heat levels meet certain thresholds. Fenwal allows for an automatic reset in the heat systems, so as to prevent any potential explosions and maintain safety within a residence or business.

Fenwal Ignition Controls

One good choice for a direct spark ignition is the 35-615957-115 IGN Control. A specialist can install it in any gas-fired appliance. Flame-sensing technology allows for a safe start when using a furnace and preventing any harm to the operators. An LED provides system diagnostics for troubleshooting and maintenance.

Fenwal Ignition Modules

Ignition modules power up the furnace blower within the system. It is meant to replace the pilot light within the gas ignition controls. One such example is the Fenwal 35-630500-007 Ignition Module. This has microprocessor technology within a circuit.

A name that’s associated with trust in furnace manufacturing throughout the world, Fenwal has served the industry since 1935. They prioritize products that deliver on critical control, and wish to innovate to meet customer needs.

Fenwal Controller

Fenwal Control delivers innovative heating controls across the HVAC, radiant heat, industrial equipment, and commercial cooking sectors. This reliable global company provides a range of fantastic products, extending all the way from ignition modules, to thermo switch controllers.

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