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Ever since scroll technology was pioneered for compressors, Copeland has been leading the way. Each unit promises superior efficiency, ease of installation and exceptional reliability. Their machines are intended for comfort and performance when it comes to maximizing your HVAC and furnace systems.

Copeland compressors are innovators in the marketplace. Browse our vast selection and find your part today!

Copeland Compressors

Compressors account for a significant amount of the energy consumed by air conditioning units. This means that compressor selection is pivotal to improving HVAC system performance and efficiency. The unique design of Copeland compressors makes them the perfect choice for energy-efficient systems. The brand even helped the industry to move into the 10 and 13 SEER standards. Today, you can get your very own Copeland Compressor straight from Furnace Part Source.

The original changeover from SEER 10 to SEER 13 was supposed to represent a savings of around 30 percent in terms of energy usage. While the current minimum standard is still 13, most modern air conditioners have a rating that’s somewhat higher than this. Copeland’s engineering team has naturally kept up with these developments and has led innovation.

However, those who still need to work with something that has a remarkable amount of power can opt for a 3PH ZP38K5E-TF5-800 compressor, which provides 38,000 BTU of cooling power. That’s quite a bit of authority regardless of how large your facility might be.

Copeland Air Conditioning

Over the years, Copeland has focused on compressors, but they’ve developed technologies that could be used in many different situations revolving around climate control as well as various sized facilities in terms of square footage. Even a comparatively small 7,150 BTU compressor is in their catalog, which should help to illustrate Copeland’s commitment to scalability.

While a compressor isn’t exactly an air compressor by itself, it’s certainly the most important piece. As a result, your Copeland scroll equipment is designed to provide reliable comfort in home areas. They’re quite efficient and should prove to be stable over a long period of time when operated in a manner consistent with their labeling. Though you shouldn’t ever exceed the manufacturer’s original specifications, Copeland has brought many different products to market.

Technicians have normally found that there are plenty of options to cover every potential use case. Thus you won’t run into many residential situations that can’t be remedied in this way. Take care to measure the size of the current compressor and figure out how many thermal units of cooling you’d need to get the job done.

You could say that Furnace Part Source is always your Copeland part source because our team has stocked so many of their fine HVAC products. Jot down any specific requirements you have and make sure to browse through the current catalog.

You might find some really great gems like the ZP31K5E-TFD-800 compressor, which offers upwards of 31,200 BTU of cooling power. That should be more than enough for even some pretty demanding commercial applications, which might require quite a bit of energy.

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