What Is A Hepa AC Filter? Can These Air Filters Fight Covid-19?

What Is A Hepa AC Filter? Can These Air Filters Fight Covid-19?

21st Sep 2020

COVID-19 has been a serious concern to people all around the world; they don’t want to get sick, especially in the absence of a vaccine. You then may go to look into options such as Hepa AC filters, and if they can help fight COVID-19. First, you have to know what a Hepa filter is and how it cleans the air.

What Are Hepa Filters?

High-efficiency particulate air filters are used to capture potential contaminants such as pollen or pet dander, anything that can get in your lungs and be irritating. They’re made of synthetic fibers and can capture small particles, as well as large particles bigger than one micron. The filters are designed to ensure that 0.3 microns cannot get past their system.

Honeywell is a good brand for this. The Honeywell 20500 | Filters have been discontinued, but we have them available at our store. That way you don’t need to upgrade when replacing a part in an older machine. Another option is the Honeywell Hrf-f1 Universal Hepa Air Filter. This model should be replaced every five years and is used in the HRF-F1 series. The systems in the series cover 11520, 12520, 13520, 17200, 18150, 17400, 50150, 50200, 50250, and 50300.

The Honeywell 28725 is a part that is hard to find for your system. Most stores list it as being unavailable. That is why we keep it, for your convenience when you need to make a replacement.

If you want to switch from Honeywell, there is the Broan ACCGSFHP2 Hepa Kit 2 Pre-filters. This kit is meant to last for a year before it needs to be replaced. There are other resources as well that can filter out the particles.

Can Hepa Filter The Air Of Covid-19?

The virus that causes COVID-19 travels in micron-sized particles and is airborne. That’s how it enters your body. Wearing a mask helps carriers from spreading the disease widely. People also need assistance in minimizing the risk of a spread. That is why countries are mandating that adults and children stay at home while working or studying remotely.

Air filters can certainly help; they were designed to remove contaminants from the air that may harm the human body. You can’t rely on it solely, however; people still need to wash their hands, get enough sleep, hydrate, wear a mask, and practice social distancing during a pandemic. An air filter is a tool that can improve your home quality, and you can add it to your arsenal for good health.

Purify Indoor Air With Furnace Part Source Filters

At Furnace Part Source, we are dedicated to improving indoor air quality for our clients. We want to ensure that you all have the resources necessary to maintain your health. WIth our minimal shipping costs, you can receive air purifiers and hepa filtration.

Reach out to us today to get started with removing small and large particles from your air flow. You deserve an HVAC system that provides clean air to you and your family. Find the right filter for your home to match your heating and cooling.